5 ways ARTiFACTS helps researchers gain recognition for all their efforts across the research cycle

Updated October 31, 2023
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    There is a wealth of information produced during the research process that’s inaccessible. This lack of transparency slows everything down, causes duplication, and delays recognition for researchers.

    Getting to publication is a huge achievement that should rightly be celebrated. But what about all the work that happens before then? And what about the value of findings, data and other materials you could receive acknowledgement for that don’t make it into the final paper?

    Here are 5 ways ARTiFACTS can help you get the most of all of your research materials to accelerate discovery and innovation.

    Minimise disruption to your workflow

    Information is everywhere. Each researcher has their way of storing, sifting, and analyzing it. When you’re in the zone, staying focused on the task at hand is critical: so having to jump to another platform or program can really disrupt things.

    ARTiFACTS integrates with a host of other applications – such as Mendeley – that you use daily and we’re adding more as quickly as we can. Our blockchain technology creates a secure, permanent record of your work, leveraging data management tools you already use.

    Become discoverable, searchable, citable sooner by documenting in real time

    In the current system, there’s an built-in delay between research and publication. For young researchers, especially, this can be a drag: a lag-drag if you will. There’s a natural lull between discovery, validation, and publication through to citation. This means your career-advancing recognition may take months or years to manifest.

    On top of that, not every piece of data leads to a breakthrough or a published paper. But all data holds value, even the smallest bit could be the missing piece in another study.

    ARTiFACTS helps you get your work discoverable earlier by securely making your work in progress available for others to search, find, and most importantly cite: much sooner in the research cycle.

    Access more research not indexed or sitting behind subscription paywalls and accelerate discovery

    This works both ways. Inaccurate or absent indexing means things slip through the cracks – both for the original researcher who misses out on being found and cited, and for the new researcher looking for that golden nugget to prove their theory.

    The same applies to the information behind paywalls. If your institution or project’s budget gets shifted to other priorities, a source of data is cut off. This slows discovery and creates the potential for duplicated effort.

    ARTiFACTS gives you access to a vast amount of searchable and citable data, at no cost to researchers.

    Secure the provenance of your research

    We know that sharing your work pre-publication can be scary. What if it doesn’t get picked up, or worse, it does but it’s not attributed and someone else claims credit for yoru work? It’s a sentiment shared by researchers around the world, across all disciplines. Although pre-print services are growing but there’s still a time-delay and, critically, these services aren’t always indexed or connect related outputs with the article.

    ARTiFACTS harnesses blockchain to create an immutable chain of record for your work. We’re not another research management tool – we don’t hold on to your files. Instead, we create a “digital fingerprint” of your datasets, protocols, reports, drafts – any file related to your work – with metadata to enhance its discoverability. We then assign each item its own unique ‘hash’ or unique identifier and process it securely. You stay in control of where your work is stored, when it’s shared, and with whom.

    With these identifiers in place, your work is securely and unquestionably assigned to you. So you can be confident that your early stage work can be found and attributed.

     See the impact of your work faster

    As with any job, your organisation needs to be able to quantify your output. For some in business, this is straightforward: have you met or exceeded your sales targets, for example? Or executed a tech delivery plan within budget and on time (we can all dream). But with an built-in delay in scholarly communications, how can researchers demonstrate the value of their research sooner?

    By making an open, but secure, platform to share research, ARTiFACTS gives you a way to see the impact of your work in real-time. You can show your supervisors how many citations your latest dataset has already received, and the effect it’s immediately having in the broader research world.

    Getting started with ARTiFACTS

    Ready to get the attribution you deserve? Setting up your account is quick, easy, and free. Join us today and see how ARTiFACTS can help you accelerate innovation around the world by sharing research materials earlier, and contributing to your recognition in the process.

    We always want to hear from you: so if you have any feedback on our platform, or questions and suggestions for our product and tech teams, please get in touch.