The Problem

Substandard and Falsified Drugs are a Global Challenge for Public Health and Patient Safety

Research confirms 10 to 30% of some medicines in global supply chains today are substandard or falsified (aka counterfeit)

200,000 in Africa dying needlessly every year from ineffective anti-malarial medicines alone

Massive expansion of suppliers and manufacturers without adequate controls increases exposure to unsafe medicines

A $200b cost to the industry is destroying brand trust and compromising clinical trial outcomes

Source: World Health Organization

The Solution

Artifacts VERIFY

A powerful combination of chemical analysis and artificial intelligence

Fast, effective testing of medicines

Artificial Intelligence interprets and delivers initial findings immediately

Scientifically validated results recorded on blockchain guide risk mitigation actions

Deployed at any point in the supply chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered: Explore Our FAQ Section

How many medicines can be analyzed using the Verify system?

Approximately 300 of the most commonly prescribed medicines can be analyzed using the Verify system, which includes nearly half of the W.H.O. Essential Medicines, and this coverage will be expanded over time.

What data can Verify collect and report?

Verify collects and reports the essential information concerning medicines in your organization’s supply chain including location, protocol requirements, primary data and results from chemical screens and assays, as well as procedures and users engaged in handling medicines.

How does Verify identify the quality and safety of medicines in the supply chain?

Medicines are destructively tested locally with PADs and then undergo further chemical analysis by certified laboratories to confirm their safety.

What are the main benefits of using Verify?

Verify fills a critical gap in existing safety monitoring systems by providing actionable information obtained from chemical analysis of medicines that is accessed from commonly used browsers and mobile devices.

What insight and intelligence can be learned from the reporting and analytics available from Verify?

Verify provides reports of current and historical results by API, by location, by lot number, by manufacturer, among other factors; highlighting the emergence of hotspots where SFs appear with increasing frequency or jump across locations/regions; as well as trends and predictive indicators of quality risks in your organization, which inform mitigation actions by your team and business partners (eg., pharmacy managers, clinicians, purchasers, distributors, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, etc.).

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