The Artifacts VERIFY Solution

A system for identifying SF drugs in the supply chain


PAD – Paper Analytical Device

SF – Substandard and Falsified drugs (commonly known as counterfeit or fake)

HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography

API – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


Artifacts VERIFY is a post-market surveillance system for identifying and reporting substandard and falsified drugs in the supply chain.
  • Samples are tested on-site
  • Potential SF drugs are identified in real time
  • Faulty medicines are analyzed by testing laboratories
  • Alerts and reports guide mitigation efforts
  • Chain of data custody recorded on blockchain


Our service combines essential scientific know-how with an information technology platform and operating materials for rapid deployment.
  • Subscription includes the Artifacts VERIFY database platform, PAD test cards, mobile PADReader App, and test laboratory services
  • HPLC, LCMS, and other sophisticated analyses are conducted to confirm APIs
  • Advanced analytics identify contamination hotspots and inform decision-making


Our unique value proposition delivers alerts and analytics backed by scientific analyses of medicine safety and quality where products are administered, prescribed, and distributed
  • Real time detection of SF drugs using chemical analysis
  • Retrospective and predictive analytics for decision-makers
  • A simple but effective way of improving drug safety and saving lives

How Artifacts VERIFY uses Science and AI to Identify Potential SF Drugs

Artifacts VERIFY is a SaaS information system that collects data and reports results of chemical analyses of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of medicines. It is configurable to meet the testing requirements of the most common APIs and can be deployed in local and remote settings where medicines are administered and prescribed.
  • Destructive testing and chromatographic screening of drugs on-site using Paper Analytical Device cards (PADs)
  • Artificial Intelligence interprets and delivers initial findings immediately via mobile App
  • Chemical assays performed in certified laboratories identify API ingredients and contaminants
  • Analytics report emergence of contamination hot spots and geographic patterns in SF findings
  • Data secured on blockchain provide a source of trusted information for audit and compliance purposes

PAD Technology

How Artifacts VERIFY uses PAD technology to identify potential SF drugs

All dosage forms of medicines may be analyzed using PADs anywhere in the supply chain

  • Randomly selected dosage amounts are spread across a PAD card, the bottom of which is placed in 1 cm of water for 3 minutes
  • The reaction of APIs and excipients with reagents on the cards yields test results
  • Color changes reveal the results of 12 individual chemical tests as water is absorbed by the PAD. Watch the video

Color reactions on the PADs yield indications of medicine quality and this technique meets USP PAD Technology2 specifications

  • Mobile Android/iOS PADReader App processes images
  • AI-based neural network interprets, analyzes and reports results instantly
  • Results reported to PADReader App and recorded on Verify blockchain
  • Suspect samples are routed to laboratories for further analysis

Laboratory Analysis

How Artifacts VERIFY uses advance laboratory analysis to confirm the status of potential SF drugs identified by PADs

Confirmatory analyses using scientifically recognized techniques, including HPLC and LCMS

  • Over half of the APIs in the WHO 600 Essential Medicines can be analyzed by the ARTiFACTS Verify System
  • Samples are analyzed in the field with suitable equipment or routed to laboratories
  • Confirmatory analysis identifies APIs and other ingredients (benign or toxic)
  • Dashboard displays results and analyses that identify trends, vulnerabilities, and impact

Data Analytics and Security

How Artifacts VERIFY provides powerful analytics and maintains data integrity

Collecting granular data about APIs, brands, lot numbers, users, and processes across geographic locations yields actionable insights in real time whose chain of custody is secured

  • Randomized sample collection for destructive assessments at any point in the supply chain
  • All workflow steps and data are recorded onto blockchain, including product information, scientific data, location, users
  • Permanent immutable data archive confirms information for decision-makers in healthcare, government, and pharma
  • Aggregated and disambiguated data provide intelligence and predictive insights for stakeholder interventions

Artifacts VERIFY demonstration

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Learn how to protect patients, brand reputation, and intellectual property from SF medicines

Learn how to protect patients from SF medicines