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Who’s impacted by substandard and falsified pharmaceuticals? Potentially everyone.

All over the world, drug manufacturers put time, effort, and money into making sure their products meet the regulatory requirements of a host of different regions. Yet substandard and falsified products still find their way into the market. Somewhere along the line the supply chain is disrupted and low-quality products are introduced.

  • Resolution

    How can we resolve this problem?

    ARTiFACTS Verify enables quality monitoring across the entire supply chain: from manufacturers’ shipping locations all the way through to patient interaction for comprehensive post-market surveillance.

  • Technologies

    What technology do we use?

    We help our partners - laboratories, scientific institutions, regulatory bodies - create an irrefutable chain of custody using Web 3.0 technologies for fast and effective monitoring.

How it works

Tethered to analytical testing labs, ARTiFACTS Verify gives stakeholders a secure chain of custody using a distributed ledger for all data relating to a suspected falsified or substandard products. This provides an iron-clad and essential reference when proving and defending results for immediate action by distributors, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies.

Short timeline
  • Shortening the timeline between sample collection, screening, and testing

  • Timeline item

    1. In-field collection of samples

    E.g. from a pharmacy, hospital, or online.

  • Timeline item

    2. In-field assessment

    Chromatographic chemical screens taken in the field using low-cost paper-based tools giving first indication of tainted products.

  • Timeline item

    3. Samples batched, shipped, and routed to labs

    Samples sent to leading labs based in academic institutions or commercial entities

  • Timeline item

    4. Full analysis

    Samples analyzed by highly trained staff using rigorously tested equipment suitable for each drug-type.

  • STimeline item

    5. Results collected, assessed, and reported directly to stakeholders to action

    Stakeholders - including regulatory bodies - can then take mitigating action

Who do we partner with?

  • University research departments and laboratories
  • Government and NGO public health regulatory authorities
  • Private / commercial laboratories
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Philanthropies / charities in the public health space