ARTiFACTS provides simple, user-friendly platforms purpose built to validate evidence for science and commerce.


What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide individuals and organizations engaged in science, research, and commerce with the right combination of science and technology to report on trusted data on everything from medicine to metaphysics, chemistry to kinetics, and much, much more.
Stakeholder organizations

How can we be useful?

Across scientific and business communities, the accumulation and verification of facts is essential. We saw the value that blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies could provide to protect and defend artifacts of information with an immutable chain of verified facts.

Defining ownership and securing value


We believe that information is at its most valuable when it is usable. We started ARTiFACTS with the vision to improve securing the provenance of research artifacts and making these data discoverable and citable.


Over time, this has evolved into a wider use connecting science and commerce with an invaluable tool for data monitoring and evidence valuation - notably in our partnership with the University of Notre Dame - in the fight against substandard or falsified drugs.

And furthermore..

We’re not stopping here. We can help more industries and organizations organize, secure and use critical information to achieve positive socio-economic outcomes.