Our Purpose



provides a simple, user-friendly platform, purpose built for academic and scientific research that establishes provenance of research outputs and accelerates sharing and recognition of contributions to the scholarly record.

Researchers record a permanent, valid, and immutable chain of their work in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all scientific and scholarly artifacts, including citing and attribution transactions.
Stakeholder organizations
Stakeholder organizations benefit from gaining new insights into the research process in terms of outcomes, productivity and expertise.

What are these artifacts of research?

They are any type of digital file or research work product:

  • Created during the research process pre-publication
  • Created during continuing research post-publication
  • Whether human or machine generated

Why are these artifacts important?

  • They are the evidence and foundation of research claims asserted in published findings that are relied on by publishers, funders and all stakeholders in the research ecosystem
  • They represent the contributions researchers have made in their field for which they should be recognized
  • And there are terabytes of this intelligence that never get accessed, linked with publications or cited

ARTiFACTS uses distributed ledger and web 3.0 technologies to enable research outputs to be indexed, attributed and cited quickly

  1. Zone of Discoverability
  2. Grant applications, working papers, tests, data sets, videos, posters, presentations, manuscripts and other artifacts of research become discoverable, linkable and can be cited

While today’s digital scholarship creates linkages among a subset of indexed publications long after discoveries are made, ARTiFACTS focuses on capturing and linking knowledge and attribution from initial ideation throughout the research process during informal and formal dissemination.

With 160 trillion gigabytes of scientific data forecast to be produced by 2025, enabling access to these data and recognition for contributions are more important than ever.

Who uses the ARTiFACTS platform?

Researchers are able to immutably prove ownership and existence of work, expand access to their scientific and academic research artifacts, and provide and receive ‘real-time’ attribution for their novel work.

ARTiFACTS helps researchers build and demonstrate their body of scholarly contributions, more comprehensively and rapidly.

Institutions and organizations are able to gain access to hitherto unavailable knowledge essential for advancing their research mission, whether that be to fund, publish, or employ scholars and scientists from any field or discipline.

The ARTiFACTS system offers:

  • Reduced barriers to sharing results, enabling earlier discovery of high-value research
  • Comprehensive Indexing and citation recognition for all types of artifacts
  • Linking of all related artifacts, maintaining their provenance and making them searchable
  • Proof of origin established immutably and IP manageable by creator
  • A source-of-truth data set that serves as a foundation for new and meaningful analytics of research outputs and their impact
  • Attribution/citation that can happen at any point, providing more timely recognition of scholarly impact, particularly for new fields of study and for early researchers
  • Reduced risks from disclosure or loss/abuse of IP pre-publication

Why is ARTiFACTS creating this platform?

We are dedicated to creating the ARTiFACTS platform for the research community because we believe significant improvements can be made in advancing discoveries that bring socio-economic benefits by Expanding access and Enabling attribution:

Citations are the currency of research. Yet, only a small percentage of research outputs are cited and indexed. The attributions and vital linkages across research artifacts are lost forever or never happen, inhibiting discovery. Researchers’ reputation, career progression, tenure, and general standing are compromised as there is no accurate and complete source of truth.

It takes too long for a researcher’s meaningful contributions to their field to be recognized and acknowledged. In today’s attribution system, it could be many years before important research is submitted, reviewed, published and later cited. Attribution for good work should be given and received when applicable, not several years after the fact – particularly in research where velocity and iteration are so important.

Good research produces many research artifacts – data sets, study designs, grant applications, posters, presentations, proceedings, surveys, manuscripts in addition to a published article. Researchers should be able to give and receive attribution for all their meaningful work. The community’s assessment of a researcher’s contributions may now consider this broader body of work and build upon a richer set of artifacts and knowledge.

We want to help researchers and scientists accomplish four simple things:

  • Establish proof-of-existence and confirm provenance at any time
  • Protect and manage IP while concurrently facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Provide and receive valid, break-proof attribution and assignment of credit
  • Participate in growing a comprehensive, community archive for all scientific and scholarly artifacts