02 Mar, 2020

JBBA launches Blockchain based Ledger of Record for Research in Collaboration with ARTiFACTS

13 Nov, 2019

ARTiFACTS announces ORCID integration, connecting unique researcher identifiers to contributions in real-time

02 Oct, 2019

ARTiFACTS Smart Contracts Now Processing on the Max Planck Society bloxberg Trusted Research Infrastructure

20 Mar, 2019

Dave Kochalko interview – how technology could restore trust in science publishing

20 Feb, 2019

Is This Still Working? Incentives to Publish, Metrics, and New Reward Systems

14 Feb, 2019

2019 Annual Conference Program

04 Feb, 2019

Bitcoin for the biological literature

02 Feb, 2019

Blockchain For Science Con 2018 : Aftermath

14 Dec, 2018

ARTiFACTS and PranaGEO start partnership

20 Mar, 2018

Blockchain to help scholarly publishing fight fraud

19 Mar, 2018

New blockchain platform aims to shake up research citations

11 Sep, 2018

Applying Blockchain Solutions to Address Research Reproducibility and Enable Scientometric Analysis