Welcome to the JBBA+ARTiFACTS workspace!

This is a workspace and community hub for authors, editors, and readers of the JBBA.

To help you begin, please go to our getting started guide. This guide provides tips for using ARTiFACTS and, when scrolling down a bit you will also find pointers specifically for JBBA authors. You will also find more information at our ARTiFACTS website about how we are enabling researchers to securely manage the provenance of their research, share works with colleagues and receive formal citation recognition for their contributions.

For more background, please read our recent news announcement of the JBBA+ARTiFACTS collaboration as follows:

The Journal of The British Blockchain Association launches Blockchain based Ledger of Record for Research in Collaboration with ARTiFACTS

London, UK and Cambridge, Mass. USA February 27, 2020 – We are delighted to announce the launch of JBBA+ARTiFACTS portal, the world’s first application specifically designed to enable researchers to create a permanent and immutable public record of research material in real time.

ARTiFACTS is built upon the bloxberg ledger, the global leading science-focused Ethereum blockchain-based infrastructure, managed by an international consortium of prominent research organizations and led by the Max Planck Society’s Digital Library. ARTiFACTS utilizes blockchain and Web 3 technologies to create a searchable and citable index of metadata comprising pre-published and published works. Through this new portal, JBBA authors and research groups can:

  • Receive citations in real time, enhancing recognition and reputation.
  • Record smart contract Proof of Existence (PoE) for their research, securing provenance of their artifacts – authors can easily create a cryptographic hash of their data (file, data set, idea, email, image, manuscript, etc.) and send or ‘transact’ the created hashes to the blockchain.
  • Control access to their work and choose whether to be anonymous or to selectively disclose name, description or other information. All data can be 100% confidential as only the secured hash is necessary in the blockchain.
  • Synchronize with ORCiD updating ORCiD Works with new artifacts.
  • Synchronize with institutional repositories.
  • Register material and immediately cite via Google Docs.
  • Track progress via a dashboard of accomplishments.

The new portal will enable The British Blockchain Association to:

  • Offer JBBA authors a valuable service that links supporting research materials with published articles.
  • Increase the citation impact of JBBA by accruing citations to the supporting research materials linked with its publications.
  • Derive real time insights by viewing research activity across the publication and our author community.
  • Identify emerging research with relevant, new content of interest for the BBA community and our readers.

ARTiFACTS is designed to integrate with existing services such as ORCiD and common research information systems relied on by scientists and scholars, allowing for seamless adoption by users. Users control full access to their files and have the option to share files privately or publicly. ARTiFACTS only stores file metadata and gives users control over where their files are stored, how they are accessed and by whom.

Announcing the launch of the new portal, Dr Naseem Naqvi, Editor in Chief of the JBBA, said:

“This is a ground-breaking initiative. ARTiFACTS serves the broader interests and needs of the JBBA authors’ community by immutably establishing their provenance and recognizing their creators while accelerating access to research materials. This will complement and enrich the existing publication process of the JBBA by expanding the scope of research material that can be securely linked to published papers and cited in future works, increasing citation profiles of the JBBA and its authors.”

Dave Kochalko, CEO and Founder of ARTiFACTS, said:

“We are extremely pleased to offer ARTiFACTS services for the JBBA, its authors and the global community interested in the dynamic research emerging about blockchain and its application. As a leader publishing on all facets of blockchain, collaborating with ARTiFACTS reaffirms the role JBBA plays as an innovator and establishes a viable model for enhancing scholarly communications across all disciplines.”

The JBBA+ARTiFACTS dashboard is live and is ready to be used by authors and the research community. We will be organizing training and orientation sessions for JBBA authors in the coming weeks.

The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA) is the world’s first academic peer-reviewed blockchain journal that is available both in-print and online.

The bloxberg Blockchain Consortium for Science aims to foster collaboration among the global scientific community, empowering researchers with robust, autonomous services that transcend institutional boundaries.

ARTiFACTS is the first partner building on the bloxberg distributed ledger (based on Ethereum blockchain) to provide researchers with real-time stamping and citation-focused tools. ARTiFACTS is the first public blockchain based application specifically designed to enable researchers to create a permanent and immutable record of research material in real time.

To learn more, visit us at artifacts.ai and follow us on Twitter @ARTiFACTS_ai.

Contact Emma Boswood, Director or Community
Engagement, emma@artifacts.ai.