The ARTiFACTS team brings a unique combination of vision, passion and experience

Vision to understand solutions exist to remove the artificial constraints that delay and block access to scientific discoveries.

Passion to empower researchers from all disciplines to share their creative works sooner, to receive recognition advancing their scholarship, and accelerate the socio-economic benefits society gains from world-class scientific research.

Experience necessary to bring meaningful and sustainable change to how science is communicated.

The ARTiFACTS team has deep industry and operating experience

Dave Kochalko

Co-Founder & President

30+ years building technology and information science businesses, Co-Founder ORCID

Jason Rollins

VP Product & Research

20+ years creating world class scholarly research tools, with several patents and PhD in user-centered design

Aleksey Novikov

Tech Lead

Galina Tsymbal

BA Lead

Julia Fedotova

Web / Creative Lead

Alex Kurilov

Project Manager

Leanne Johnson


Emma Boswood

Content and Copy


Kevin McCurry

25 years in technology and information businesses

Courtney Morris

25 years in technology and life science businesses

George Moore

25 years in publishing, technology & SaaS businesses

Marcos Blanco

12 years in media and technology businesses

Representative Experience

Thomson reuters
Web Of Science
Random house


Mike Boswood

Former CEO, Truven Former Jt MD, Elsevier Science

Bruce Stangle

Chairman & co-founder, Analysis Group

Nancy Kassam-Adams

Psychologist / Researcher, UPENN School of Medicine

Ron Dixon

Head of Clinical Affairs at Onduo

Jeremy Kaufman

CEO, LBRY – a blockchain content company

Howard Ratner

Executive Director, CHORUS Former Nature CTO

Jan Scheufen

Chief Product Officer, Monax – enterprise blockchain company

What are citations?



The Mertonian description of normal science describes citations as the currency of science. Scientists make payments, in the form of citations, to their preceptors.

— Eugene Garfield, 1962

While this statement by the godfather of modern bibliometrics was documented in the 1960’s, until today it was not possible to realize the full vision of Garfield and Merton. Simply put, citations are fundamental to driving scientific communication and advancement. However, as important as published articles are, Garfield’s vision never limited the citable landscape of scientific research to a subset of published scholarly works.

This all changes now. ARTiFACTS provides a platform that will add new citable content to enrich the scholarly record by enabling transactions recording existence and attribution with linkages across all research artifacts. Published or pre-published. In any form, not just articles. Through its unique blockchain engine – designed specifically for academic and scientific research, and leveraging the power of the community together with the trusted network of institutions maintaining the bloxberg distributed ledger – it provides the authority, rigor, and validity that community sites and standard archives can’t provide. It is unconstrained while delivering a ledger of record — making the full vision of Garfield and Merton possible.