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In 2018 we set out to create a platform for the curation of ancillary scientific research material (so-called grey literature) thereby making it possible to release it in advance of publication.

Based on the same core blockchain technology, our business has moved on and is now focused exclusively on developing Artifacts VERIFY as a comprehensive solution to the growing problem of SF drugs in the global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Meet The Team

We have deep industry and operating experience

Dave Kochalko

Co-Founder & CEO

30+ years building technology and information science businesses, Co-Founder ORCID

Oleksii Novikov

Tech Lead

Maryna Kokhanovska

Business analyst

Antonina Deinekina

Web / Creative Lead

Ciaran O’Sullivan

Client Relationship Manager

Vladlena Myronova

Project Manager

Emma Boswood


Board Members

Mike Boswood

Former CEO, Truven Health Analytics

Mike has over three decades of experience as a CEO of businesses specializing in professional information. He has deep knowledge of US Healthcare having run Truven Health Analytics (now Merative) as a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters and IBM as well as an independent company. He is committed to the principled use of data and analytics to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes

George Moore

Chief Technology and Information Officer at CareMetx

George is a visionary technology executive with a reputation for digital innovation tied to accelerating business. A strategic and operationally focused product leader, George has led digital business initiatives supporting business reinvention and transformation in education and healthcare. He’s designed and launched game-changing digital products, built data-focused software and customer support teams, and managed acquisitions and divestitures.

Dr. Marya Lieberman

Prof. of Analytical Chemistry, University of Notre Dame

Marya is an analytical chemist at the University of Notre Dame, USA where her Lieberman Lab group specializes in creating inexpensive and easy-to-use technologies that help people solve problems outside a laboratory.  Applications include detection of falsified and substandard medicines, presumptive identification of illicit drugs, and evaluation of toxins in the environment.  Her group collaborates with researchers and caregivers in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia, including AMPATH/MTRH in Eldoret, Kenya; ICDDR,B in Bangladesh, the College of Medicine in Blantyre, Malawi, and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered: Explore Our FAQ Section

How many medicines can be analyzed using the Verify system?

Approximately 300 of the most commonly prescribed medicines can be analyzed using the Verify system, which includes nearly half of the W.H.O. Essential Medicines, and this coverage will be expanded over time.

What data can Verify collect and report?

Verify collects and reports the essential information concerning medicines in your organization’s supply chain including location, protocol requirements, primary data and results from chemical screens and assays, as well as procedures and users engaged in handling medicines.

How does Verify identify the quality and safety of medicines in the supply chain?

Medicines are destructively tested locally with PADs and then undergo further chemical analysis by certified laboratories to confirm their safety.

What are the main benefits of using Verify?

Verify fills a critical gap in existing safety monitoring systems by providing actionable information obtained from chemical analysis of medicines that is accessed from commonly used browsers and mobile devices.

What insight and intelligence can be learned from the reporting and analytics available from Verify?

Verify provides reports of current and historical results by API, by location, by lot number, by manufacturer, among other factors; highlighting the emergence of hotspots where SFs appear with increasing frequency or jump across locations/regions; as well as trends and predictive indicators of quality risks in your organization, which inform mitigation actions by your team and business partners (eg., pharmacy managers, clinicians, purchasers, distributors, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, etc.).

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Learn how to protect patients, brand reputation, and intellectual property from SF medicines

Learn how to protect patients from SF medicines