Bringing science and commerce together, ARTiFACTS Verify works with stakeholders across the pharmaceutical supply chain. Tracking the composition of products exposes substandard or falsified drugs and addresses a glaring oversight in current safety and regulatory processes. ARTiFACTS Verify can be deployed at key stages in the supply chain, including when prescriptions are dispensed to patients.


Track chain-of-custody throughout pharmaceutical supply chain

With ARTiFACTS Verify you can:

Analyze and verify critical drug information

Report results of laboratory analyses to confirm viability or alert relevant bodies to take action

Maintain chain of custody

ARTiFACTS Verify allows you to create an immutable record and chain of custody vital to drug verification

Improve patient outcomes

ARTiFACTS Verify enables you to monitor, assess, and report on substandard or falsified pharmaceuticals in the supply chain - helping prevent them from reaching those in need of medication


Breakthrough the constraints of traditional research accreditation processes

You now have the power to collaborate in real-time, confidently and safely share your work earlier in the process, and get the credit you deserve every step of the way – advancing your career while simultaneously advancing research

Ensure provenance by transacting and time stamping your artifacts on the distributed ledger

Provide and receive ‘realtime’ attribution for novel work so you can rapidly build and demonstrate your body of scholarly contributions

Keep all your research artifacts organised in one place and establish linkages in real-time for discovery and attribution

Researchers - check out our ARTiFACTS File for Researchers

The ARTiFACTS File space is a free service allowing individual researchers to try out our system and see how it could benefit their research projects and organisations.

Experiment with the technology and get acquainted with using blockchain to secure the provenance of your work. Try giving and receiving citations to unpublished contributions. Interact with other researchers using the service and let us know your thoughts!



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