Supporting research through integration: ARTiFACTS and ORCID

May 11, 2020
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    At the end of last year, we announced our membership with ORCID, and the first steps in our planned integration. Building on that, millions of ORCID users can now automatically update their CVs when registering their research material on a trusted blockchain using ARTiFACTS.

    In their day-to-day work, both in and out of trying times, researchers use a number of different platforms and services to record and share their work. Like the researchers themselves, we believe these platforms should interact with one another – facilitating the discoverability of information, the usability of knowledge, and the reputation of the researchers. 

    We’ve now completed our full-service integration for the ORCID community, the seamless integration of ARTiFACTS with ORCID automatically updates ORCID records: guaranteeing one’s CV reflects their most recent contributions in real time. This increases the chances of their work being found, used, and cited by peers across the research community. 

    How does the integration work?

    ARTiFACTS uses Web 3.0 and blockchain technology to secure the provenance of research materials and enable real time attribution.  So, when scientists are ready to share their research they can be assured we have recorded a proof of existence on the blockchain and are counting the citations their works receive – whether the works have been published or not – and helping them build their personal citation footprint. And as a member of ORCID, we are pleased to support all ORCID services and proudly display badges to confirm ARTiFACTS and ORCID users can:

    • Authenticate to ensure transactions with ARTiFACTS and one-click logins rely on our trusted relationship
    • Display so colleagues using ARTiFACTS will recognize them as an ORCID member and be able to reach out to collaborate where interests overlap 
    • Collect so ARTiFACTS learns what social information they want to share with other ARTiFACTS users 
    • Connect so ARTiFACTS may update their ORCID Works record with their latest research
    • Synchronize so research works entered into ORCID or ARTiFACTS update each other and remain in sync

    Researchers coexist in an ecosystem, with multiple entities symbiotically supporting each other. This full-service integration of ARTiFACTS with ORCID provides a valuable addition to that research ecosystem facilitating discovery of their contributions while helping to build their connections and professional reputation.

    Looking ahead

    Both ARTiFACTS and ORCID are free resources for researchers, designed to ensure secure provenance of work in order to accelerate discovery and advance careers of scientists. Our collective aim is to make it easier and more secure for researchers to share early results with peers and colleagues for the ultimate betterment of society. 

    Reducing barriers to accessing information as well as administrative burden are key to this. By working with the research ecosystem in place, and integrating with tools already used by millions, we can help researchers feel more confident about sharing their work prior to publication and also linking research files as supporting evidence with their publications. And in today’s climate, the faster information can be released, found, used, and cited, the closer we will find our way out of the current pandemic. 

    We’re here to support their work by providing an avenue to share their research and receive acknowledgement for their contributions.